Irtijal 2020

Irtijal Festival’s home city of Beirut has undergone, in the past year alone, the steady collapse of its economic and banking sectors, waves of revolutionary protests, a deadly criminal blast that devastated entire neighborhoods and, last but not least, renewed and virulent spikes in Covid-19 fatalities.

In view of the above, we at irtijal remained uncertain as to whether we should hold an edition of our festival this year. A vital year for us, since it commemorates our twenty years of existence. Twenty years during which we have truly weathered through thick and thin; until we finally decided that this year would be no different: we will hold our ground and be present in 2020.

Due to prevailing health conditions, Irtijal’20 will take place over two weekends, and entirely feature local musicians. Faithful to its tradition, it welcomes new talents such as the up and rising Nâr, unprecedented collaborations such as the duo of Paed Conca and Ghassan Sahhab, and the pairing of Egyptian songstress Aya Metwalli with rock power trio Calamita, and regular festival collaborators such as Fadi Tabbal and Rabih Beaini.

Last but not least, we are looking forward to the Kinematik Ensemble, a collective effort curated especially for Irtijal’20, and featuring what is essentially the most interesting Lebanese rock group nowadays, along with a host of collaborators.

Day 1 – Sunday, November 1st, 2020

Zoukak Studio, Qarantina – 7.00 pm

Paed Conca & Ghassan Sahhab

Paed Conca clarinet
Ghassan Sahhab qānūn


Nadia Daou electric guitar, electric bass, synth, voice

Two or the Dragon

Abed Kobeissy bowed buzuq, electric buzuq, effects
Ali Hout daholla, zill, effects

Aya Metwalli & Calamita

Aya Metwalli electric guitar, synth, voice
Sharif Sehnaoui electric guitar
Tony Elieh electric bass
Malek Rizkallah drums

Day 2 – Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Ballroom Blitz, Qarantina – 7.00 pm

Fadi Tabbal

Fadi Tabbal cassette loops, synth, electronics

Sary Moussa

Sary Moussa synth, electronics

Rabih Beaini

Rabih Beaini electronics

Kinematik Ensemble
with guests Ziad Moukarzel, Jad Atoui and, Teddy Tawil

Anthony Sahyoun electric guitar, electronics
Rudy Ghafari synths, electronics
Akram Hajj drums
Ziad Moukarzel modular synth, electronics
Jad Atoui modular synth, electronics
Teddy Tawil synths, drums

DJ Set


Irtijal’20 is part of Hawader (November 1st- December 20th), an initiative joining artistic organizations in Lebanon, creating a space and time, here and now, for collaboration, collective curation, dialogue, and mutual support.

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