Irtijal 2020

Day 2 – Detailed Program

Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Ballroom Blitz, Qarantina – 7.00 pm

Fadi Tabbal

Fadi Tabbal cassette loops, synth, electronics

Fadi Tabbal © Myriam Boulos

Lebanese musician, producer and sound engineer Fadi Tabbal’s work consists of guitar pieces ranging from stripped acoustics to ambient and shoegazing-inspired treatments. Often referred to as “the hardest-working man in Lebanon’s alternative music scene”, Tabbal relocated to Beirut in 2006 following studies in sound engineering in Montreal, Canada; he promptly established Tunefork Recording Studios, a specialized work-space which offers customized services including full band recordings, live sound, music production and composition. Tabbal is a full-time member of several Lebanese rock bands, including The Incompetents, Interbellum and The Bunny Tylers (with Charbel Haber). veers between drone music, post-rock and noise rock.

Sary Moussa

Sary Moussa synth, electronics

Sary Moussa © Tanya Traboulsi

Sary Moussa is an electronic musician who has been active in the Beirut underground scene since 2008. In October 2014, he released his first full-length album “Issrar” under the moniker radiokvm, for Lebanese indie label Ruptured Records. His latest record “Imbalance” (Other People, 2019) finds Moussa revisiting the soundscapes of his childhood; from the echoes of political unrest, to Greek-Catholic chants, and the quiet nights of a secluded Southern village. The album combines sound design with intricate melodic arrangements to create a choir of synthesizers and noise singing in and out of sync. In addition to his solo work, Moussa has also composed music for theatre and dance performances, short films, and museum installations.

Rabih Beaini

Rabih Beaini electronics

Rabih Beaini © Hans Van Der Linden

Lebanese-born producer and DJ Rabih Beaini specializes in grainy, imaginative analogue techno. As Morphosis, Beaini has been crafting away in the nether-regions of the techno underworld since the 90s. Having cut his teeth as a DJ, a move to Italy in 1996 proved to be the catalyst for various studio experimentations. Beaini’s genuine musical ability and range of influences —from krautrock to new wave— seep into his inventive, dark, and emotional productions and immersive DJ sets. These influences also find their way into Beani’s productions with The Upperground Orchestra, an improvisational ensemble that explores electronica, techno and free jazz.

Kinematik Ensemble
with guests Ziad Moukarzel, Jad Atoui and, Teddy Tawil

Anthony Sahyoun electric guitar, electronics
Rudy Ghafari synths, electronics
Akram Hajj drums
Ziad Moukarzel modular synth, electronics
Jad Atoui modular synth, electronics
Teddy Tawil synths, drums

Kinematik is a Lebanese post-rock band hailing from the village of Reyfoun in the Lebanese mountains. Formed in the summer of 2014, they recorded their debut album “Ala’” in the spring of 2017, and released it on Beirut’s indie label Ruptured. Kinematik’s sophomore album “Murur Al-Kiram” was released in the winter of 2020 by Ruptured in collaboration with Portland-based label Beacon Sound. Both releases were recorded and co-produced by Fadi Tabbal from Tunefork Studios. Kinematik is known for the elaborate visual setup of its live shows and has collaborated with different artists over the years, in an effort to carefully craft each of its performances.

Jad Atoui © Jessica Lutz

Jad Atoui is a music composer, sound designer and electronic sounds experimentalist based in Beirut. Using his bio-sensors, field recordings and analog gears he composes and performs electronic music. His work has been featured in Pompidou Center (2012, Paris) and The Stone (NYC). He has performed with John Zorn, Laurie Anderson, Marc Ribot, Elliott Sharp, Bill Frisell and Chuck Bettis. In 2015, in collaboration with scientist Ivan Marazzi, Atoui spearheaded the “Biosonics” project, which incorporates bio-sonification of behaviors as a compositional tool. The project was published in John Zorn’s “Arcana Book Vol. XVIII” and premiered at The National Sawdust.

Ziad Moukarzel © Tanya Traboulsi

As a live electronic artist and DJ, Ziad Moukarzel has operated since 2007 under various aliases and on several short-term projects, encompassing different electronic musical genres and approaches. He is musically versatile, always exploring new sounds and possibilities to expand his spectrum, his sets reflecting his curiosity and fluidity. He founded Woodwork Studios in 2017, and has worked with different musicians and artists in the studio, where he is known to have a keen ear for both the artist’s needs and the final sonic outcome. Moukarzel also organizes electronic music production workshops and synths “meets” around Beirut.

Teddy Tawil

Born and raised in Lebanon, Teddy Tawil is a Lebanese multi-instrumentalist and electronica artist. An avid music listener, he spent the entire year of 2017 learning the piano on his own on a cheap MIDI controller; later in 2018, he invested in some gear and finally started on his musical journey. A period of self-discovery, experimentation and frustration led to his solo debut in August 2019. Far away from home, isolated in Belgium when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, he write his first official album “CAMA”.


Dj Set


Marylou’s creative and daring sense of selecting and deejaying is one of a kind. Her uncompromising sets are known for her expert layering of traditional music, bass, noise detonations, cloudy waters of psychedelic dubs, sinuous paths of improvised music and electronic avant-garde. She spent her teenage years immersed in the sound system culture in Bordeaux, and later joined the jazz and club scene of Paris as a writer and promoter. She started deejaying as a Rinse France resident, inviting guests such as Stephen O’Malley, Mike Cooper, Waqwaq Kingdom, Kassem Mosse. She is currently operating at Cashmere Radio in Berlin, and often appear on NTS or Boxout India.

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