Irtijal 2018
Day 3 – Detailed Program

Thursday April 5th, 2018

at Zoukak Studio, Qarantina – 8.30 pm


Joe Kareh bass guitar, vocals
Paul Toubia electric guitar, synths
Anthony Hakim electric guitar
Gabriel Sarkissian drums


Ilvy is a newly-formed post-rock quartet from Lebanon, whose style varies from heavy instrumental tracks to ambient soundscapes, with a strong reliance on pedal-work.


Frédéric D. Oberland electric guitar
Stéphane Pigneul bass guitar
G.W.Sok vocals
Mondkopf electronics
Sylvain Joasson drums, percussion
As Human Pattern video
Feat. special guest Youmna Saba oud

oiseaux tempete

The music of French free-rock collective Oiseaux-Tempête is bred from places in turmoil, be it Greece, Turkey or Lebanon. Embracing the freedom of improvisation, as well as the communal function of collaboration, this is secular music that crosses boundaries and cultures, embodying an intersection where post-rock, jazz, Arabic music, punk and experimental electronic music find common ground and refuge. Through their elegiac musical constructions, Oiseaux-Tempête seek to bear witness, to create sense and be a part of the world, refusing the catastrophe. Rather, grabbing hold of the present, cradling it and letting it breathe, breaking through to the obscure “now” and creating geographic and temporal bridges. The band’s most recent album, “Al-‘An”, was recorded in Beirut and features the talents of Lebanese musicians Two or the Dragon, Sharif Sehnaoui, Pascal Semerdjian, Youmna Saba and Charbel Haber.

Tasjiil Moujahed

C-drík electronics
Jawad Nawfal (Munma) electronics

Tasjiil Moujahed

Unafraid to break boundaries, Tasjiil Moujahed (Belgian musician C-drík Fermont aka Kirdec and Lebanese musician Jawad Nawfal aka Munma) is a duo whose music oscillates between ambient, electronica, dub and EDM. Nawfal and Fermont and well-known figures of their respective countries’ electronic music scenes: Fermont has collaborated with Mick Harris (Scorn, Pain Killer, Napalm Death), and released on his label Syrphe an impressive number of compilations exploring the underground and experimental music scenes of Middle Eastern, African and Far Eastern countries. Nawfal has worked with various musicians from Lebanon’s electronic scene, including Jad Atoui, Liliane Chlela, Litter, radiokvm, and more recently Mme Chandelier. Improvisation is part of Tasjiil Moujahed’s live set up, so expect the unexpected.

Rabih Beaini
DJ set

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Irtijal 2018 edition is organised in partnership with Ruptured, Tunefork And with the support of Goethe Institute, Institut Français, Step Beyond, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, Zoukak Theater Company, Beirut Art Center, Metro Al Madina & Illy.