Irtijal 2017

For its XVIIth edition, Irtijal is proud to present (among other highlights) the results of an electronic music workshop that took place in Beirut in December 2016, in collaboration with music networking platform Simsara and renowned Swedish electronic studio EMS, in parallel to Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival. The workshop invited musicians from Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Tunisia to collaborate with talented Swedish producers and engineers Mats Lindström and Daniel Araya, in the creation of customized electronic instruments for use in subsequent live and studio performances. Irtijal’17 will present individual performances by these musicians, as well as a collective ensemble performance led by Lebanese electronic authority Tarek Atoui, in one of his rare appearances in Lebanon.
Faithful to its tradition, Irtijal will present several collaborations between visiting musicians and various local talents, including Festival founders Mazen Kerbaj, Sharif Sehnaoui and Raed Yassin, rock musicians Marc Codsi, Tony Elieh, Kid Fourteen and Fadi Tabbal, electronic producers radiokvm and Ziad Moukarzel, and rising Lebanese post-rock band Kinematik. We are also very excited to present several performances by leading talents from Egypt’s thriving electronic and experimental scene, including Aya Metwalli, Zuli, Nur, Nadah el Shazly and Anwar Dabbour.

Day 1 - Wednesday April 5, 2017

Metro Al Madina, Hamra – 8:30pm

Michel Doneda & Lê Quan Ninh (fr)

Michel Doneda soprano
Lê Quan Ninh percussion

Rabih Beaini & Sofia Jernberg (lb/sw)

Sofia Jernberg voice
Rabih Beaini voice, electronics

Fadi Tabbal & radiokvm (lb)

Fadi Tabbal electric guitar, electronics
Sary Moussa electronics

Day 2 - Thursday April 6, 2017

Onomatopoeia – the music hub, Sioufi – 6:30pm

Aya Metwalli “Beitak” (eg)
Aya Metwalli voice, electronics

Ashkal Alwan Workspace, Jisr El-Wati – 8:30pm

Khyam Allami (iq)
Khyam Allami oud, electronics

Marc Codsi solo (lb)
Marc Codsi 
Analog & Modular Synths

Tarek Atoui Analog Ensemble (lb/sw/eg/de/tn)
Tarek Atoui electronics, conduction
Marc Codsi electronics
Zied Meddeb Hamrouni electronics
Mazen Kerbaj electronics
Thomas Lehn electronics
Mats Lindström electronics
Nadah el Shazly electronics
Adham Zidan electronics

Day 3 - Friday April 7, 2017

Dawawine, Gemmayzeh – 6:30pm

Baskot Lelbaltageyya – بسكوت للبلطجية (eg)
Anwar Dabbour synth, electronics

Yukunkun, Gemmayzeh – 8:30pm

Mats Lindström (sw)
Mats Lindström electronics

Thomas Lehn & Tiziana Bertoncini (de/it)
Tiziana Bertoncini violin
Thomas Lehn synthesizer

Ziad Moukarzel & Tony Elieh (lb)
Ziad Moukarzel synthesizer
Tony Elieh 
electric bass

Nur (eg)
Nur electronics

Shinigami San (tn)
Zied Meddeb Hamrouni electronics

ZULI (eg)
Zuli electronics

Day 4 - Saturday April 8, 2017

Onomatopoeia – the music hub, Sioufi – 6:30pm

Michel Doneda & “A” Trio (fr/lb) 

Michel Doneda soprano, saxophone
Mazen Kerbaj trumpet
Sharif Sehnaoui acoustic guitar
Raed Yassin double-bass

Ashkal Alwan Workspace, Jisr El-Wati – 8:30pm

Nadah el Shazly (eg) 
Nadah el Shazly voice, electronics 

The Cripple – الأعرج (ca/lb)
Khodor Ellaik voice, guitar, electronics
Alex Zhang Hungtai voice, sax, electronics

Kinematik (lb)
Mme Chandelier electric guitar
Rudy Ghafari synthesizers
Roy Khazen electric bass
Akram Hajj drums
Lookmaitmoves live visuals

Scoro & D.Rusu (ro)
Scoro & D.Rusu closing DJ sets

Irtijal 2017 edition is brought to you in collaboration with Simsara Agency, Ruptured & Tunefork Studios and with kind support from AFAC (Arab Fund For Arts And Culture); Goethe Institute; Musikverkeet; Institut Français, BBIMF & Illy.